Pixel Heaven 2023: Europe’s Largest Games and Pop Culture Festival

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3 min readJun 30, 2023


Pixel Heaven 2023 was an exceptional gaming festival that brought together gaming enthusiasts, developers, and industry professionals from around the world. As an exhibitor, we had an incredible experience being a part of this vibrant event. Learn more about Poland’s largest annual Games and Pop Culture Festival and its impact on the GameDev industry.

Pixel Heaven Games & Pop Culture Festival 2023

Pixel Heaven Games and Pop Culture Festival is Poland’s largest and one of Europe’s largest annual events dedicated to the GameDev industry. The festival features the Pixel Expo exhibition showcasing independent game developers, presentations, lectures, panels, training sessions, and the Pixel Awards Europe competition. It’s a unique gathering where gamers, retro enthusiasts, comic book lovers, and fans of 8/16 bit computers from the 80s and 90s come together.

Beata Klejnberg, Łukasz Klejnberg Co-Founders of Futuresalt Entertainment Ltd

At this year’s 11th edition of Pixel Heaven, we, Futuresalt Entertainment, presented several exciting expositions. Our main production, the classic retro shooter Solomon Snow: First Contact, received tremendous feedback. Additionally, Matches Cup, a potential mobile game, was well-received by younger players and families. We also provided a glimpse of our future productions and discussed our studio’s outsourcing offerings.

Solomon Snow: First Contact, available on Steam https://store.steampowered.com/app/1744070/Solomon_Snow_First_Contact/
Matches Cup puzzle game great for family, https://futuresaltentertainment.com/our-games/matches-cup/
Johnny The Gamer, adventure game, https://futuresaltentertainment.com/our-games/johnny-the-gamer/

Pixel Heaven 2023 attracted fast-developing companies such as Flying Wild Hog, Bloober Team with Layers of Fear, and Godolphin Games. The event served as an opportunity to witness their progress and discover their new projects.

Moreover, industry legends like Jim Bagley, Simon Butler, Robert Jaeger (Montezuma’s Revenge) were special guests at this edition, adding to the festival’s prestige.

Jim Bagley, Photo: https://pixelheavenfest.com/goscie-specjalni/
Simon Butler, Photo: https://pixelheavenfest.com/goscie-specjalni/

The festival served as an ideal platform for networking and collaboration. We connected with fellow developers, publishers, and potential partners, establishing new relationships within the gaming industry. The exchange of ideas and experiences during the festival was inspiring and fostered growth and innovation within our company.

Pixel Heaven 2023, our stand

Pixel Heaven offered a well-curated event with a diverse range of activities. From panel discussions and presentations to tournaments and showcases, attendees had a variety of engaging options. The festival’s inclusive atmosphere fostered a sense of community among participants, ensuring an enjoyable and memorable experience for all.

Participating in Pixel Heaven was a fantastic opportunity, and we eagerly anticipate future editions of this remarkable Games and Pop Culture Festival.

Post wrote Stanley Kozera, Co-Founder of Futuresalt Entertainment Ltd.