The Crystal Drive Concept Art Design

Futuresalt Entertainment
2 min readJun 27, 2021

Lea’s Chronicles — The Crystal Drive

Third-person adventure game with action, science and soft puzzles, featuring strong personality with superhuman abilities inspired by Tomb Raider, and Uncharted.

Marta’s Concept Art Design — Lea’s Chronicles — The Crystal Drive

In the last newsletter, we mentioned the Concept Art Design of the Crystal Drive. We asked you a question in various media which, according to You, is the best — of course, as always, you turned out to be very helpful — we are grateful for that!

Initially, our choice was the second concept, but as you wrote, it turned out that we can’t quite to think so.

Some of you emphasized the first concept as more organic, in the second you paid attention to the colors, in the third to a pattern that attracts attention.

It became clear that we need to combine the good qualities of all three concepts. We chose the third pattern as a base pattern, which in a way also corresponds to the organic nature of the first concept, and the base colors from the second concept. So thanks again! We are about to start further work on the Crystal Drive.